April Plant of the Month – Geum rivale

Latin Name:                 Geum rivale                 

Common name:             Water Avens


These are so beautiful – almost fairy-tale like. The water avens have bell shaped pink flowers which nod gently on long stems.  Their delicate flowers blow in the breeze and attract bees and butterflies.

It’s a medium height perennial which have five bell-shaped flowers of pale purple-pink rounded petals and dark purple sepals.

Flowering between April and September, their flowers develop into a bur-like head of fruits with brown hooks.

You can find them on pond edges, streams, damp woodland and hay meadows. Their seeds can be dispersed quite a considerable distance if caught in fur or clothing and they’re also spread by rhizomes.

They can also tolerate mildly acidic conditions in either full sun or under shade.

All in all, a stunning flower.


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