August – Plant of the month

Latin Name:                 Leucanthemum vulgare

Common name:             Oxeye Daisy


When you see the large Oxeye Daisy, you can rest assured that summer has finally arrived!

It’s very similar to the daisy, but much bigger – it’s flower head can be as much as 6cm in width.

The green leaves that grow around the base of the stem are toothed and oblong shaped.

It’s a very adaptable plant and will grow in a variety of habitats including meadows, fields, scrub and open canopy forests.

The best time to see it is from June to August.


Interesting facts:

In the 15th century it was known as “moon daisy” because this bright flower can seem to glow in fields on midsummer evenings.

In Austria and Germany, it was hung inside the house as it was believed to repel lightning.

If cattle eat it, it can affect the taste of their milk.


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