Bank erosion – Ballfields Lodge,Wolverhampton – Case Study


The owners of Ballfields Lodge required the creation of a margin along their stream to encourage wildlife and prevent further erosion to the stream bank and were keen to use bio-engineering materials were possible.

Thank you to everyone for a fabulous job, it looks better than we could have imagined, we are chuffed to bits.
Having keen knowledgeable people on the job made such a difference

Project Delivery

Installed hazel faggots and pre-established coir rolls, planted with specially selected indigenous marginal aquatics, along one side of the bank to encourage bees, butterflies and dragonflies.
Used Nicospan back filled with stone and topped with topsoil to repair the under-scouring erosion of the trees growing alongside the stream.
The stream banks were protected from erosion whilst providing habitat and margin for wildlife.

Project Particulars

Project successfully completed in just one week with minimal disruption to the client.
Coir rolls and additional plants used to encourage bio-diversity.
Client delighted with the outcome.




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