Hazel / Willow Spiling

Reliable & environmentally acceptable wooden materials

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We provide reliable and environmentally acceptable wooden materials for use in sustainable bioengineering systems.   We offer both a living (willow) revetment system and for less maintenance a hazel, dead wood system.

Spiling bank retainment system uses live willow withies woven between osiers (live willow stakes) which are installed into the lake or river bed.   This creates a viable hurdle-like structure that, within months and depending on climate conditions, will form dense roots and vegetate top growth.

The characteristics of live willow may restrict its suitability in some applications.   In such conditions our hazel rods & chestnut post system can be utilised.

We can advise on the correct system for your revetment scheme.

These products are part of our range of bioengineering materials and can also be as a design, supply or install package.   All our technical solutions can be modified to suite your requirements.   Live willow and treated wood can provide environmentally engineered solutions for both new schemes and restoration projects.   All of our materials are sourced from FSC certified suppliers.


Provides erosion protection above & below the water line
Stabilises the embankment
Rapid vegetation growth (Willow)
Strong root mass (Willow)
Many applications
Self-regenerating (Willow)
Low maintenance (Hazel)

Osiers (Willow Stakes)

To assist, slope and bank stability osiers can be used to form a key between shallow slip soil and underlying stable ground.   

Willow stakes will flourish and provide:

Rapid root formation to stabilise soil
Provide lush vegetation
Improved poor water characteristics

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