Rock Rolls

An excellent option for erosion control


Rock Rolls are a cost-effective alternative to rock rip-rap and steel gabions & mattresses.   When they’re used below the low water level they provide a solid but flexible foundation on top of which our pre-planted coir rolls can be installed.   Rock Rolls can form part of a bioengineering solution when used in conjunction with coir rolls, coir pallets and wooden revetments.   The roots of the aquatic plants will quickly grow and establish into the voids of the Rock Rolls giving long-term erosion control, bank support and habitat enhancement.

In the right application Rock Rolls can be used to very good effect on their own.   Pre-planted Rock Rolls can be supplied to site specific requirements.   

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Rock Roll Applications & Benefits

Stream & river banks Cost-effective
Reservoirs Easy to install – flexible solution
Lake shorelines Provides permanent protection
Revetments Helps create waterside habitats
Drainage channels Works in high velocity watercourse

Rock Roll Specifications

300mm Diameter x 2m in length 120kg per 1m filled weight
400mm Diameter x 2m in length 220kg per 1m filled weight
5mm PP Netting- Mesh 45mm x 45mm

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