Case study – Boathouse Support Structure with Dredging

Client:                                   Private Client, Surrey

Project Title:                     Lake Boathouse Support Structure & Dredging

On an already beautiful lake, our clients wished to construct a boathouse where there was an existing deck so that they could sit and enjoy the view across their lake and take the boat out from a more pleasing dock.

The immediate area of the lake needed dredging, so this is where we started.

Access was interesting and a little challenging, and to get the excavator on site, great care was taken as you can see.  Placing tyres underneath in a rolling formation, we even managed to lift the excavator high enough to avoid damaging any of the client’s planting.  A collective breath was held, but the outcome was successful.


Using a long reach excavator an area of 350 square metres was dredged, and a bund created on an area of the client’s land to contain the silt removed from the lake. When that was complete, the construction of the boathouse could begin.

A total of 22 oak piles were driven into the lakebed to a depth of three metres and the installation of the oak frame, decking and walkways took place.  This was done in preparation for the client’s carpenter to construct the walls and roof of the boathouse.

Project completion

Prior to project starting

A total transformation

Additional Work One of our team suggested that the area behind the new boathouse would benefit from a drystone wall – fortunately, this was one of his additional skills and we were more than happy to oblige.


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