Case Study – Lake Regeneration

Lake Regeneration

Client:                                   East Suffolk & North Essex NHS Foundation Trust

Project Title:                       Colchester Hospital Lake

Scope of works:                 Lake Regeneration

As a collaborative project between Land & Water Services and Terraqua we undertook a contract for the East Suffolk & North Essex NHS Foundation Trust to carry out regeneration works to the lake within the grounds of Colchester Hospital.


 The project, which began in June 2020 under strict COVID-19 guidelines, saw all water removed from the lake to allow the accumulated silt to be dredged and a new liner fitted.

The wet silt was sent to be reused at Land & Water’s Habitat Creation Scheme at Rainham Marshes, which aims to encourage greater areas of greenery along the Thames Corridor whilst creating an oasis for wildlife. This is part of the company’s wider commitment to the local environment.


Land & Water Services, along with Terraqua Environmental Solutions, also supplied and installed air diffusers on the bed of the lake to oxygenate the water, as well as carrying out works to the footpaths including installing benches for hospital visitors to sit and enjoy the view over the lake.


Bill Gush, Non-Executive Director at Land & Water, says:


We are very pleased to deliver yet another successful project, which was completed within the client’s budget despite the inevitable disruption caused by COVID-19.

Initially we had some challenges to overcome, namely the access to the pond, as tree roots had grown along the old liner since it was previously installed. This made it quite challenging to use heavy machinery without damaging the trees. However, we collaborated with the client to agree a solution and the team worked hard to complete the project.




As part of Land & Water’s determination to protect local wildlife and create better environments in the areas it develops in, fish living in the pond were re-homed safely and paddling pools were erected for ducks and wildfowl to use whilst the works were underway.

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