Case Study – Wey Navigation Bank Repair

Client:                                    Private Client, West Byfleet, Surrey

Project Title:                       Wey Navigation Bank Repair Works

Scope of works:                 To repair a 35m stretch of bank


Our client resides on the bank of the Wey Navigation and contacted us because a 35m stretch of the canal bank was failing which was causing water ingress into the garden of the property.  The client approached the National Trust who advised her to contact us.


The existing canal bank had been stabilised around 15 years ago using vertical, steel RSJs with timber planks between. The water ingress was not identified at source but was believed to have potentially been caused by the penetration of tree roots combined with the overall deterioration of the canal bank. 

The works were within a flood zone so permissions were required from the Environment Agency, Local Authority and the National Trust.


The Solution

The solution was to install 82 off 2,400mm long galvanised steel trench sheets which were driven across the entire width of the garden and joined using 10 x 4,000mm galvanised steel walings.

The piles were driven into the existing garden edge level, ensuring the line of piles was as close as possible to the existing timber structure which was then removed.  The gap between the new piles and garden edge were then filled with 8 tonnes of puddling clay to seal off any further water ingress.


Access was gained from the bankside at the rear of the property using a standard reach excavator with a hydraulic piling hammer. Access was restricted and the ground was very soft. Works were needed to protect the ground before access and for remediation post works.

Additional Work

Once the initial project had been completed, the client requested further work which entailed the removal of bushes from the bank, the import and laying of 35 tonnes of topsoil, laying new lawn turf, relaying and enhancing the patio area on the bank and the renovation of the existing stone steps.

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