Plant of the Month: November Silene flos-cuculi


Plant of the Month – November

Latin Name:                 Silene flos-cuculi

Common name:             Ragged Robin



Although these pretty little flowers will be long gone in November, the colours are very autumnal when they do appear in the nursery.

The very distinctive raggedy petals can be seen in damp habitats from May to July.

The delicate pink flowers are 3-4 cm across which are deeply divided into four giving it a very untidy look – hence the name.

Once established, the plant grows well even on some dry, exposed roadside verges but in marshy conditions is can spread across large areas.

A beautiful wildflower, it is unfortunately in decline due to land drainage which has destroyed much of its favourite habitat.

You may occasionally come across an all-white variety but in the main they are pale to mid pink.

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