Pond Restoration and Enlargement – Case Study

Client: Whiting Landscapes 

Project TitleFriars Road Pond, Hertfordshire 

Scope of works: Pond Restoration and Enlargement  

Our client had an existing pond which needed both restoring and enlarging.  

Their requirements formed part of planning regulations on a house construction site and they were keen to create a habitat for aquatic wildlife.  


The existing pond site 

Following our site visit, we provided a couple of options and after consideration the client opted to restore and enlarge the existing pond using an LLDPE liner

This involved creating a permanent pond feature in the location and cover the liner with a geofabric felt protective layer together with a top layer of soil. 

The advantage of this option was that careful setting of final water levels allowed the excess spoils excavated from the pond to be used to sensitively recontour the fields in the immediate vicinity.  The added benefits were that no soils had to be removed from site, the pond looked natural in its setting, and the excavation depth was limited so as not to destabilise the steep nearby slopes. 


Pond excavation in progress 


Liner installation 

The project was successfully completed and handed back to the client within the contracted timeframe, leaving a very happy customer. 


With all of the torrential rain we’ve had recently, it should be full now! 

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