Pre-planted Coir Rolls prepared

A batch of pre-planted Coir Rolls have just been planted. There are many benefits of using our pre-planted Coir Rolls. The plant foliage provides shelter and food for aquatic wildlife, including Newts, Frogs and Water-voles. The flowers will provide aesthetical benefit and pollen for important pollinators such as bees. What is very interesting is the way the roots protrude out into the water column, providing a network of small spaces where fish will spawn and fish fry, amphibian-poles and aquatic insects will shelter. The plants will use their roots to draw up heavy metals from the water, helping to clean and purify it for a cleaner, healthier aquatic environment. 


Even still ponds can suffer from erosion. Pre-planted coir rolls will provide erosion protection both immediately and in the long-term. The coir fibres provides the short-term protection whilst the plants mature. Over the first season the plants grow and spread their roots. Eventually, when the roll itself has bio-degraded, the plants will have rooted into substrate at the water’s edge, holding the substrate in place and preventing erosion.

Our Pre-planted Coir rolls are available in our standard mix however can be grown to order to provide a bespoke species selection.

Pre-planted Coir Rolls – For erosion control, aesthetical benefit and ecological enhancement. Learn more on the Coir Page.

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