September – Plant of the Month: Mentha aquatica

Plant of the Month- September

Latin Name:                 Mentha aquatica

Common name:             Water Mint

Mentha aquatica is a member of the mint family and loves damp areas.


It roots readily in either wet ground or water and it can raft some distance across water from its original location.

Flowering from June to September, it’s happy in sunny or partially shaded areas and can grow to 12” high.

It is of British origin and attracts bees, butterflies, news and other amphibians.

If you tread on this plant, you’ll know without looking that you’ve stepped on mint – the leaves are very pungent and are sometimes used in salads or cooked foods.

Apparently, an excellent addition to gin and tonics!



Interesting fact:

In the Middle Ages, water mint plants were strewn on the floors of banqueting halls so that the odours of mint would be released as the guests arrived.

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