The Benefits Of Gardening During Lockdown

As we’ve all adjusted to the unprecedented developments that have surrounded the Covid-19 pandemic, most notably not being able to see friends and, for many of us, working from home, we have spent more time than ever in an isolated space. From make-shift offices to the comfort of our living rooms if we’re not working, this ‘new normal’ has left us longing for time outside. The answer? Take to your garden.

If you feel overwhelmed or stressed by current circumstances and the amount of time you’re spending in one place, then time in your garden will prove to be invaluable. By simply stepping outside, soaking up the sunshine and enhancing your gardening abilities, you’ll feel both more relaxed and accomplished as you master a fulfilling hobby – all whilst perfecting some outdoor DIY improvements.

Our team here at Terraqua Environmental Solutions is incredibly passionate about the power of plants and gardening in creating a happier and more positive mindset. By better connecting with nature and curating a wonderful outdoor space, you’ll create lovely memories during lockdown.

To offer a little more insight into the benefits of gardening, our experts have highlighted some of the biggest advantages to pursuing this hobby:

  1. Gardening is therapeutic

Gardening has many psychological benefits. It is a therapeutic and natural experience which is particularly beneficial to those living with anxiety and depression; at times like this, when we’re all feeling a little out of sorts, these benefits become more pertinent for everyone.

Meanwhile, gardening being a form of exercise means that you’ll be releasing endorphins. Endorphins are the hormones which help people to feel satisfied and relaxed, whilst being outside in the sun will boost your mood. Your mind will feel more content for a whole host of reasons.

  1. Summer is the perfect time to invest in beautiful plants

With summer bringing warmer weather, now is the perfect time to start curating your own colourful garden. Fuchsias, petunias and geraniums are perfect flowers to invest in during this warmer weather, whilst coleus flowers also have pretty coloured leaves. 



Varieties of coleus plants

If you’re using your spare time in isolation to explore your cooking abilities, then you might be interested in planting vegetables or herbs. Our experts’ passion for gardening extends to their homes and many of them enjoy cultivating their own foods.

This time of year is ideal for growing carrots, beetroot, leeks, onions, parsnips, spinach, turnips and more! You’ll be able to create some delicious delicacies with home-grown produce in no time.

Herbs also produce lovely flowers and you can use them in cut flower arrangements too.

Chive flowers
  1. It better connects you with nature

Spending more time inside will inevitably leave you feeling disconnected from the outside world. If you’re dreaming about the ocean, rolling hills and long days spent exploring new parks and nature reserves, you’re not alone. Anyone who enjoys spending time outside will struggle with the restrictions we’re experiencing.

Gardening allows you to enjoy relaxing days in an outdoor space which you are in complete control of. This autonomy will help you to regain a sense of control, whilst your gardening will reconnect you with nature. A hobby like gardening allows you to surround yourself with wonderful flowers, plants and, as a result, a range of fascinating wildlife.

Choose plants that will attract bees and butterflies
  1. Gardening supports your physical health too

You might not think it, because gardening is famous for being a relaxing hobby, but this is an excellent workout depending on what you do. Spending three to four hours gardening equates to spending one hour in the gym; it helps you to keep fit and active, something which most of us are hoping to achieve and/or maintain during lockdown.

In addition, gardening is beneficial for those with high blood pressure and individuals who are at risk of a stroke. Gardening can prolong life by up to 30%, meaning your green thumb will help you to live longer!

Finally, gardening improves the immune system. The sun helps you to absorb Vitamin D which subsequently absorbs calcium, keeping your bones strong.

We must all prioritise our health and wellbeing during the Covid-19 pandemic. As we adjust to a new way of life, we must explore exciting, new ways by which we can feel fulfilled, supported, positive and healthy. Gardening is a relaxing hobby which promises to leave you feeling more at one with both yourself and nature; if you haven’t spent time in your garden yet, do!

If you don’t have a garden, a window box can be just as beneficial and there are numerous plants that thrive in them and they’ll bring a splash of colour to your home.

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