Wetland Habitat – Lilbourne, Rugby – Case Study


Our client, Whiting Landscapes, had created a series of thirty wildlife ponds and scrapes as part of a planning mitigation condition to provide a habitat for Newts.

Project Delivery

During the Autumn we were approached to provide our expertise in the planting up and establishment of the ponds to bolster the indigenous, marginal and oxygenating plants already there.

We recommended that any additional planting be left until the following Spring as Autumn is not the time to be installing marginal plants and oxygenators as they  naturally die back at that time of year.

The following Spring the planting was successfully completed within a week ensuring that the ponds and scrapes were capable of providing suitable habitat for newts and other wildlife.

Project Particulars

Planting successful as completed in the correct season using appropriate species.

Plants included :




  • Callitriche stagnalis
  • Potamageton natans
  • Meyanthes trifoliate


  • Filipendula ulmaria
  • Glyceria maxima
  • Lythrum salicaria
  • Mentha aquatic
  • Carex paniculate
  • Iris pseudacorus
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