Aquatic Plants

We are specialists in native marginal aquatic plants

All plants, including our indigenous water lilies and oxygenators are suitable for small domestic ponds or lakes and will encourage wildlife, dragon-flies and butterflies to your pond or lake creating a beautiful, natural setting

If a client has a specific requirement, we can also grow local provenance plants tailor made for their needs.  By visiting their sites, we carefully collect the specific seeds and grow them in our nursery to produce a plant in a size suitable for the clients’ requirements.

We supply plants for :  

  • Bioengineering applications river and stream banks, drainage channels and margins
  • Fisheries, reservoirs, lakes and ponds
  • Reed beds – treatment systems
  • Habitat creation to protect endangered species

See our guide on selecting plants for a lake or pond.

To review a full list of available species see this page

Call us today if you’d like us to collect seed from your site

Get in touch if you don’t know what or where to plant

Whatever your need, help is just a phone call away  

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