We supply a full range of high quality faggots


We supply a full range of high quality faggots which are widely used in conjunction with many other materials to facilitate bioengineered solutions to environmentally sensitive projects.   Once installed, faggots provide support for coir rolls and coir pallets to ensure they sit at the correct water level.   Faggots have a long life and become an integral part of the erosion control system which provides a living and sustainable environment that improves biodiversity by increasing habitat.

Faggots and mattresses can be made up from living and dead materials.   Willow can be provided with living or dead wood and hazel faggots are dead wood.   Brushwood materials are designed into many of our bioengineering solutions for both freshwater and brackish inter-tidal applications.   To catch fine sediments in inter-tidal rivers and other estuarine applications we provide layers of brushwood mattresses secured by a grid of fixings posts that provide a cost effective erosion protection system.  When used with our pre-planted Coir Rolls hazel faggots provide toe support in deeper waters.   Rock Rolls can be used as additional support in faster flowing rivers or streams.   In the correct environment living faggots and mattresses can be used as revetments on their own.

Faggot Specifications

Material: Hazel, Chestnut, Willow (live) 
300mm Ø X 2M in length6kg per 1m dry weight
400mm Ø x 2M in length12kg per 1m dry weight
Ties: Polypropylene multi-strand fibre twine. 3 ties per bundle. 
Special diameter wood sizes and lengths are available on request. 

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