We are a leading supplier of bioengineering materials

Our comprehensive range of biodegradable products and systems combat today’s complex and diverse problems associated with erosion control at and near to the water’s edge

We provide a complete range of coir fibre products, which are pre-planted and  grown at our nursery.   We have had many years of experience in materials application as well as plant selection and if required we can provide local provenance seeds as part of our design solution.   We offer a unique service by providing bioengineering and erosion control solutions based on designs which use natural vegetation and natural systems.

We offer a complete design, supply and installation service to complement our full range of biodegradable products, and we are committed to using bioengineering solutions wherever possible.   We understand that a soft engineering approach is not always practical but by promoting a natural vegetation design solution, the impact of the hard works that may be required is reduced, an increase in bio-diversity is created and an aesthetic and cost-effective solution is provided.

Over many years we have developed close working relationships with major clients including the Environment Agency, British Waterways, Environmental Consultants, Framework Contractors & Consultants, providing assistance on designs, technical advice, product specification and installation.

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