Erosion control

Erosion control solutions

To reduce the risks of erosion from wave-lap, currents and scouring to the bank of waterways, we can construct a few different natural sustainable solutions with bio-engineering revetments such as pre-planted coir rolls and hazel faggot revetment.

In addition, we can also offer a more conventional engineering solution such as weld mesh and stone revetment, green oak, Nicospan geotextile revetment, gabion baskets, sheet piles.


All these can be used to reinstate the banks that have already eroded or slipped or even create a new bank within a watercourse.    With these methods we try to ‘soften’ the hard engineering edge with a greener option by using the pre-planted coir rolls or oak waling boards to the front of the structure.

Nicospan - used for Erosion Control
Erosion Control Weld mesh with gabion stone behind and rock rolls to the front
Erosion Control Weld mesh, gabion stone with coir rolls in front
Erosion Control - Gabion Baskets
Coir Rolls on Hazel Faggots - Erosion Control
Erosion Control - Sheet Piling
Erosion Control - Oak Revetment

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