Dredging for lake & pond restoration

Whether you have a lake or pond that may have been neglected over the years, suffers from invasive plants, has a damaged liner, erosion problems or just requires some maintenance, we offer varying dredging methods with our versatile and adaptable fleet of equipment.  Therefore, we can choose the right method to suit the individual situation for the client to restore their water back to looking its very best.


The methods can vary from using our long-reach excavators (outreach from 5m up to 21m) which will either sit on the bankside or we can de-water the lake or pond and site the excavators within the lake.   Alternatively, we have amphibious floating excavators and excavators on pontoons which operate with the water in situ to work alongside our tugs and hoppers.   Through early contractor involvement, we will find a method to suit most situations.   This allows control, manoeuvrability and flexibility to suit the client and project with minimum impact.

With our experienced team and years of experience, we will always find a solution as to where the dredged material is to be placed.   Whether it be on the banks, using it for landscaping, for agriculture land spreading or rebuilding/reshaping the banks of the lake (see ‘Erosion control page’).

On completion of the dredging works we can follow this up to give advice with planting up your lake or pond with native marginal plants which we grow in our own nursery.

If required, we will liaise with the Environment Agency for the client and use our in-house environmental team for sediment testing and analysis to ensure our operations are conducted within the boundaries of the ever-changing waste legislation.

Over the years, we have worked for numerous private clients,  Country Estates,  Golf courses,  the Environment Agency,  the Canal and River Trust,  The Wildlife Trust, English Heritage,  the National Trust,  County Councils and Natural England.

Images from dredging projects


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