Lakes and Ponds

Our wealth of practical water-management knowledge means we provide a reassuringly good service for private individuals and estate owners


We specialize in the creation and maintenance of lakes and ponds.

We operate mainly in the south of England and over the last 20 years have restored, improved, enlarged and created over 1,500 lakes and ponds in a variety of environments ranging in size from small ponds to very large lakes.

Our wealth of practical water-management knowledge means that in addition to lake and pond construction we can provide a full range of maintenance services including dredging, pond lining, water control structures, dam repairs and leaks, construction of jetties, fishing platforms and bridges.

All works are carried out by our team of highly skilled and experienced staff who have worked with us for many years.   They  are very knowledgeable and passionate about what they do and take great pride in their work allowing us to consistently deliver projects of the highest quality.

This list is not exhaustive but it gives you an idea of the types of work we carry out: 

  • Dredging for lake and pond restoration
  • New lake and pond construction
  • Lake and pond lining
  • New water control structures – Including headwalls, spillways and waterfalls
  • Jetties, pontoons, landing stages, bridges and islands
  • Dam repair including leaks
  • Bank Erosion control and revetment solutions
  • Landform creation
  • Marginal aquatic planting
  • Wildlife and wetland habitat creation
  • Lake and pond enlargement
  • Selective clearance

Lake Construction

If you are considering constructing a lake or a large pond and have something in mind give us a call – we can take your vision and help you turn it into a reality.  

Read more about lake construction.



Our specialist, versatile fleet ensures we can find dredging methods to suit any situation.   Read more about our Dredging Services here.

compton dredging

Pond & Lake Maintenance


Condition surveys, dredging, silt testing,  erosion control and aquatic plant management.

Read more about Erosion Control and Lake Maintenance.


Oak Bridges, Boardwalks & Jetties

The stunning natural aesthetics of oak can enhance any lake or pond with the installation of long lasting oak jetties and landing stages.

Learn more about construction and repair of jetties, docks and boardwalks.

Learn more about the construction of oak bridges.



We have extensive experience in the planting up of ponds, lakes and watercourses with native UK provenance plants which we grow in our own nursery in Surrey.

Learn more about planting marginal and oxygenating plants and water lilies on our planting page.


Call us today to talk about your vision and we can work on making it a reality

Whatever your need, help is just a phone call away  

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