Water Lilies

We only grow UK native water lilies

The lilies we grow are:

  • Nymphaea alba – white water lily
  • Nuphar lutea – brandy bottle (yellow)

All our water lily stock is certified UK provenance and grown in an especially dedicated environment free from contaminants and invasive species.

We can supply water lilies in two sizes – 1 and 2 litre,  which refers to the size of container they are grown in.  If you have a very large pond or lake we can grow them in 15 and 30 litres sizes especially for you.  All our water lilies are well over 12 months old which means they should flower in the summer months.

Water lilies prefer calm and still water so don’t like to be planted near waterfalls, fountains or pumps which cause disturbance to the water.

The best time to plant them is between late Spring and late Summer.


Nymphaea alba

This is the true white water lily and should not to be confused with Nymphaea albida which is not a UK native, but is widely naturalised.  Our white water lilies are grown in mesh baskets that hold aquatic compost and a slow release fertilizer capsule (lasting 3 – 6 months).

The Nymphaea alba prefers to be planted in full sun but will tolerate some shade.

It grows vigorously and produces an abundance of oval leaves that float on the water surface.

Nymphaea alba
Nymphaea alba
Nymphaea alba

Nuphar lutea

This water lily has delicate yellow flowers, smaller than the white water lily.   The flowers do not rest on the water but are held above the water.   Frogs enjoy sitting on the large floating leaves that can grow up to 40 cm across.

Nuphar lutea dislikes warm water and so some shade during part of the day in summer is desirable.

Nuphar lutea
Nuphar lutea
Nuphar lutea

Planting density for water lilies as a general rule for 1 litre pot is 2 – 4 per m2 and for 2 litre pots is 2 per m2.

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