Oak Jetties & Boardwalks

Construction of Oak Jetties, Landing Stages & Boardwalks

The stunning natural aesthetics of oak can enhance any lake or pond with the installation of long lasting oak jetties and landing stages.

The beauty of using oak is the way it weathers over the years.   We design, construct and install a wide range of oak jetties, board walks and fishing/pond dipping platforms to transform any lake or pond.  These can be constructed in any combination of bespoke sizes to suit each individual situation.

Oak jetties and landing stages: There is nothing better than just ‘standing on water’ as you survey your lake or pond from a bespoke oak landing stage.   These can be built to land your boat to or large enough to place table and chairs on.

Oak boardwalks: These enable you to walk over and reach wetland areas that would have otherwise been unreachable.   Our team have years of experience working in extremely wet conditions installing boardwalks across swampy and boggy wetlands.

Whether you require something constructed to fish off, to tie your boat up to or to just sit and relax on – we will design it to suit.

oak-jetty (1)

Jetties and boardwalks can be used to reinstate the banks that have already eroded or slipped or even create a new bank within a watercourse.   With these methods we try to ‘soften’ the hard engineering edge with a greener option by using the pre-planted coir rolls or oak waling boards to the front of the structure.






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