Reed Beds

A reed bed is a strand of Phragmites communis

In botanical terms a reed bed is a strand, often extensive, of Phragmites communis – Common Reed.  These occur naturally in various locales but always within shallow water bodies often with fluctuations of a metre over the seasons.

Phragmites tolerate a wide spectrum of conditions including colonising brackish water.

Phragmites is a heavy feeder and is a filter plant able to help clean contaminated water and is used extensively for final sewerage works.

In normal conditions of restoration and contamination purposes a planting rate of a minimum of 4 number mature plants per 1 metre square is recommended.

We raise our stock from seed that is collected in January and February and then processed and raised as plugs.

A seed collection service to ensure local provenance is available.

Pharagmities communis
Pharagmities communis
Pharagmities communis
Pharagmities communis

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