A Day in the Life of a Nursey Assistant

Roma Kateivaite is a Nursery Assistant for our Terraqua Environmental Solutions (TES) team. As leading experts in main environmental sectors; bioengineering and erosion control, TES supplies a range of environmentally friendly bioengineering products and UK provenance marginal plants and wildflowers.


Roma, our talented Nursery Assistant, has extensive experience in machine seeding and robotic transplanting, and her role is invaluable to TES.

Offering insight into her typical routine, green-fingered Roma takes us through her day-to day tasks and why she enjoys working for TES.

My principle role as a horticulturist is to assist in the propagation of our native UK species. I love how varied my job is, no two days are the same!

My routine differs depending on which tasks take priority. For example, I might spend time focusing on germination, seed collecting or potting up. I am also responsible for all marginal aquatic plants. Meanwhile, maintenance is a constant consideration for me. There is always cutting back and weeding to do.

Before joining TES, I oversaw a dedicated high-volume UK native flora propagation nursery which produced over three million aquatic, marginal and wildflower plugs and plants for environmental habitats. I have now brought my knowledge of UK native plants to TES’ Kingfisher Nursery.

I really enjoy my job, both the outdoor elements and the satisfaction of working with plants and seeing them through different seasons. TES is a community of likeminded people who bring a variety of skills to the collective pot. We make a great team. Between us, we have considerable knowledge and experience in bioengineering, erosion control, aquatic plants and planting. We are always happy to share our knowledge with each other. I continuously feel supported and included in everything I do.

As our team has adapted to Covid-19 and the guidelines it’s resulted in, we have adjusted how we operate accordingly. We continue to work on site, carefully maintaining the nursery and our plants. However, we are stringently following social distancing guidelines – we are fulfilling our roles and nurturing beautiful plants whilst prioritising our team’s wellbeing.

I already knew how supportive my team is but at times like this you truly come to appreciate the incredible people who surround you. I have been inspired by my colleagues and look forward to all that TES will achieve when normality resumes.



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